b-LOG: Calm

As the much welcomed Family Day holiday approaches, it’s a great time to pause and reflect on the manic nature…

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b-LOG: Winter Selling

We live in Canada. We sell homes in Canada. And with Canada, we deal with 4 (sometimes very) distinct seasons.…

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b-LOG: The Big “Y”

Recently, I was watching my son’s hockey practice.  After approximately 40 minutes of him lollygagging through different drills and warm-ups,…

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b-LOG: The 100 Concept

We’re big fans of general concepts and noticeable consistencies in this business of real estate sales. After having sold many…

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b-LOG: Always be Connecting

“Always be Closing” – A quote made famous by Alec Baldwin’s greatest sales manager EVER character in the movie Glengarry…

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b-LOG: 2014 Market Summary

In large part, 2014 was another year of relative predictability in St.Catharines. In general, we saw modest gains in nearly…

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