b-LOG: The Autumn Wedding

In various ways, autumn kind of resembles a wedding. It starts out lovely. Everyone looks beautiful & fresh. Smiles abound.…

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b-LOG: “But What About…”

When you’re buying virtually anything, questions should be asked. Clarify. Enquire. Verify. Plan. Question. Pause. Proceed. Etcetera. There are 3…

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b-LOG: Damp Log Syndrome

Going camping usually affords us the time to sit and ponder. The sounds of nature, the distant sound of someone…

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b-LOG: What is it Worth?

What is our home worth? This age old real estate question is one of the toughest questions to answer. Really,…

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b-LOG: Find the Five

As we move through July and into August, some home sellers will see decreased activity and interest in their home.…

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