31 Mar

b-LOG: What Would You Rather See?

We have employed the services of photography-guru Doug Thomson with OBEO for many years now. If memory serves correct, back to 2006 or so. What he brings to the table is consistent, crisp hi-res photography that really allows a home to show its absolute best online. Considering the vast (ie: 90% +/-) majority of people

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to do list
28 Mar

b-LOG: Your Spring To-Do List!

If you are selling or getting ready to sell, spring brings with it a to-do list. As the temperatures warm up and the greys are replaced by leaves and flowers, a strange thing happens. People start to smile to total strangers. They are more likely to hold the door for a stranger or wave someone

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funny watch
25 Mar

b-LOG: Timing Real Estate: The Most Difficult Watch to Read!

When is the right time and how to time it right the first time is the million dollar question in real estate. This timing uncertainty creates fear but fear not! There is always a degree of fear and trepidation when moving. It is a purely natural emotion, no different than joy, excitement or anger. How

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pier 61 pic
14 Mar

b-LOG: Pier 61: A New Dining Gem!

If you have ever met us, you know that aside from helping people buy and sell homes, we are also great fans of eating. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, we are big believers in taking time out to chow down. So, here we are writing the first ever food-related blog! Any restaurant needs a perfect recipe

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downsize graphic 1
20 Feb

b-LOG: The Downsizer: Timing the Right Time

Quite often, the easy-out, go-to approach for marketers is fear of loss. If you don’t buy this widget by that date you’re going to miss out, be doomed, lose the game. It’s kind of similar to being in the front of a long line at Booster Juice for the first time. Your heart rate kicks

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29 Jan

b-LOG: We Don’t Want to Be Bombarded!

We hear this quite often. Little old us, trying to offer our help and the response we often get is “…well, we don’t want to be bombarded”. We get it. You go into a clothing store to simply find a pair of jeans and you get that feeling. The walls start to close in as

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negotiating image
17 Jan

b-LOG: Things to Consider for the Seller in 2014

Looking back over the last several years, we seemed to have been in this perpetual cycle of ‘the economy is improving’…no wait… ‘things are bad’ …wait… ‘they’re going to improve’ …but… ‘prices are going to come down by x%’ …and then… ‘the market out-performed expectations for that quarter’. And around and around we went and

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What if pic
09 Jan

b-LOG: What if Open Houses Didn’t Exist

What purpose do open houses hold? Some will tell you that less than 5% of homes sell through open houses. Some Realtors will tell you they sell 25% of their listings through open houses. For some sellers, having open houses as often as possible is a huge request. For others, they have no interest in

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thaw pic
04 Jan

b-LOG: Freeze, Thaw, Repeat

What makes our selling seasons so distinct in these parts of the world? In more temperate climates, do they experience the busy/quiet/busy cycles that we do? It would be interesting to see how our local real estate market would behave without the influence of our hot summers and cold winters. The question there I suppose

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02 Jan

b-LOG: Looking Forward to 2014

Another year draws to a close and as we launch into 2014, we would first like to send out our thanks and appreciation to all you people who have helped us grow, learn and succeed not just as REALTORS but as colleagues, citizens and friends. Every year comes with its own set of challenges and

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19 Nov

b-LOG: “But What About…”

When you’re buying virtually anything, questions should be asked. Clarify. Enquire. Verify. Plan. Question. Pause. Proceed. Etcetera. There are 3 types of questions and comments that we routinely hear. 1. “Looking for more general info” questions. 2. “Getting the final info before proceeding” questions. 3. “Fear” questions. In this article we’ll discuss the 3rd category.

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12 Nov

b-LOG: October Market Summary (St. Catharines)

As we approach the end of 2013, our local real estate market continues to behave largely as expected. In this first graph, you will see the data for the number of new listings as well as the average asking price. The number of new of listings is off by a whopping 1 listing while the

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08 Nov

b-LOG: Tulips for Food: Our Foodraiser Explained

“What is this tulips for food thing you’re talking about”? That is a question we have heard several times recently. Well, here is the scoop! In early December this year, we (THEbTEAM) will be holding our 2nd annual Tulips for Food Foodraiser in support of Community Care. The idea came to us in the fall

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31 Oct

b-LOG: Your Seller To-Do List for October

If you are selling your home in those transition months between fall and winter, there are some tasks you should look at doing as we move from warmer to cooler weather. Here is a sampling of them. And don’t panic…nothing too strenuous! First, it is a good time to sort out the closet situation. It

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08 Oct

b-LOG: Top Ten Tales of Caution – A bTEAM Top Ten

We humans are known to make mistakes (some innocent, some not), when working through something that we don’t always do. Examples include golfing, cooking, navigating an airport check-in, changing an electrical outlet, dating, eating a shawarma…the list goes on. This particularly applies with buying or selling a home. There are ideas and concepts to be

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04 Oct

b-LOG: September Market Summary

One of the interesting aspects of residential real estate in St.Catharines is it generally behaves in a predictable, general positive and somewhat (in a good way) boring manner. No sudden swings in any direction. Modest increases somewhere in the vicinity of the rate of inflation are a common occurrence. While we read about double digit

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05 Sep

b-LOG: Market Summary – St. Catharines (August and YTD)

Fair to say we have had yet another delightful combination of predictable, interesting and unique for 2013 so far. As we have written in previous market summary blogs, the weather, particularly at the beginning of the year, plays a big role in the overall activity and supply/demand numbers. Our wet and colder than expected spring

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29 Aug

b-LOG: Damp Log Syndrome

Going camping usually affords us the time to sit and ponder. The sounds of nature, the distant sound of someone chopping firewood and the mesmerizing effects of a bonfire. After dealing with some rain, I had the task of getting a fire going with a mix of dry wood and damp kindling. For someone who

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24 Aug

b-LOG: What is it Worth?

What is our home worth? This age old real estate question is one of the toughest questions to answer. Really, can anyone, even the most seasoned REALTOR, look you in the face and guarantee you a carved in stone, without a shadow of a doubt, take it to the bank price? We can forecast, speculate,

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20 Aug

b-LOG: Reduce Stress and Bridge It!

There is a reason bridges were invented. They allow safe and easy passage over a river or canal or hole in the ground. We could get from A to B without the bridge. We could swim, build rafts, go around the canyon but with the option of a good, solid, structurally sound bridge, why would

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13 Aug

b-LOG: July Market Summary

We have officially moved through the most active months of the year and as we had suspected, sales volume has mostly caught up after a slow start to the year. As well, somewhat predictably for our area, price has edged up in typical fashion while days on the market (DOM) values have come down. Just

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02 Aug

b-LOG: Waiting for the Waiting to Be Done

Often the biggest challenge that a seller or buyer faces is the waiting. Waiting to get the home ready for market, waiting for it to appear on MLS, waiting for a showing to be booked, waiting for feedback, waiting for an offer, waiting to hear, waiting to hear, waiting to hear, waiting for the inspection

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23 Jul

b-LOG: Find the Five

As we move through July and into August, some home sellers will see decreased activity and interest in their home. This is for several reasons including the fact that a portion of the market’s active buyers have already bought as well as many of us southern Ontarions head north. So, if demand lessens, what are

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06 Jul

b-LOG: July – When Sellers Become Buyers

Quite often this time of year, a decent part of the market loosens up (or has loosened up already). As more homes sell, more offers are made and less “conditional on the buyer’s property” offers are made. The result is accelerated schedules, more competition, reduced days on market numbers and quite often, less stress. Of

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04 Jul

b-LOG: June Market Summary

The first half of 2013 comes to a close and the market has been behaving itself somewhat along the lines of what we expected. Overall sales volume is levelling out when compared with last year in spite of the slow, weather-dampened beginning we had in 2013. You will see in this first graph that the

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