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26 Nov

b-LOG: The Big “Y”

Recently, I was watching my son’s hockey practice.  After approximately 40 minutes of him lollygagging through different drills and warm-ups, he plonked himself down on the ice saying he needed a break. Now if he’d been busting his butt and giving it his all for those 40 minutes, I would have been ok with the

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08 Oct

b-LOG: Year-To-Date Real Estate Market Report – 2015 v 2014

There has been a lot of anticipation regarding our l’il old real estate market here in Niagara. Momentum and sales activity has been relatively sustained throughout the year with supply and demand maintaining an active market almost across the board. This report is a few things but it is not all-encompassing for ALL of Niagara.

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22 Sep

b-LOG: Life Lessons From Stephen Colbert for Us REALTORS®

I was watching the first weeks’ shows of Late Night with Stephen Colbert (special thanks to the DVR…that show is well past my bed time!) and a story he told really got me thinking. I was thinking that the “competition” must be pretty concerned with the new contender on the block. I had visions of

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31 Aug

b-LOG: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

It is human nature to avoid danger or risk. I’m no anthropologist but I’m pretty sure the concept goes back to the days of the cave man. Stay safe, find food, run from big furry beast, ugh. Fast forward several thousand years and here we are sky diving, kite surfing, mountain climbing, wing suiting, xtreme

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Locked up and damaged tricycle
25 Aug

b-LOG: The Home Inspection and the Bicycle

It’s a Saturday and you’re driving out to a house to meet someone about buying their used bike. You read about it online, looked at the 3 photos of it, talked to the owner and arranged a time to take a look and possibly purchase it. You get there and do your quick inspection, take

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21 Aug

b-LOG: Know Your Audience and Dress the Part

Recently, an otherwise routine office meeting turned more interesting when the discussion turned toward proper attire for people in their work environment (not including creepy clown costumes). Now being the somewhat intelligent person that I am, I steered way clear of it and didn’t even open my mouth. At the end of the day, it

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Pitch Better
17 Aug

b-LOG: If You Don’t Like It Pitch Better!!

Sport imitates life. Want to get to know someone better? Play a game of golf with them. You’ll get a much quick look at the ‘real them’. Watch as that calm, articulate executive becomes a belligerent, impatient gongshow after chunking his 4th attempt out of the bunker. If you follow sports or even have a

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04 Jun

b-LOG: Market Summary – St. Catharines – First 5 Months of 2015

How is the market these days? Well…look no further. Here is a quick snapshot at several segments of our market. Looking at some specific areas as well as price brackets, there are some interesting trends happening.   A few rules of the (statistical) game:   These year-to-date numbers are for January 1 – May 31st

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12 May

b-LOG: The Power of Team

What difference can a team make in real estate? Well, it really depends on the team just like it really depends on the individual REALTOR®. This blog really looks at the power of a team whether real estate, football or parcheesi. Much has been written, spoken, documented, dramatized and fantasized about the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

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100 pic 1
05 May

b-LOG: The 100 Concept

We’re big fans of general concepts and noticeable consistencies in this business of real estate sales. After having sold many hundreds of homes over the years we have been able to witness trends and almost predictable reactions both from sellers and buyers alike. Our experience has allowed us to grow a pretty reliable gut instinct

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13 Apr

b-LOG: Not for the Love of Money

I am pretty sure that everyone has had to take guidance in high school. Remember the counsellor telling you to pursue a career in a particular field that you are interested in, or one that suits your interests? If you were like me – or every other 17-year-old – you told the counsellor that you

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18 Mar

b-LOG: The Magic of the Beard

Good day y’all. Jim Broderick here. In general, I am not a creative person so let’s get that out of the way right from the start. I am the textbook example of a left-brain thinker (practical side). I eat basically the same thing every day at roughly the same time every day. I wear similar

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04 Mar

b-LOG: What If We Told You…

… that less houses sell in February and March when compared to April and May but the houses that sell in February and March, on average, sold for a higher price? Exhibit A: for example, we recently completed a market report for a home in the Grapeview area of St.Catharines. Would you believe that for

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27 Feb

b-LOG: Always be Connecting

“Always be Closing” – A quote made famous by Alec Baldwin’s greatest sales manager EVER character in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross. To a lesser, more light hearted extent, was the mantra of Robin Williams’ car salesman character in Cadillac Man. Always be closing, always be closing, always be closing, a.k.a. ABC. This direct, hard

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24 Feb

b-LOG: MARKET SUMMARY – Year-to-Date to February 24, 2015

So far, 2015 is off to a running start with both volume and average sale prices trending upwards when compared to the same time period in 2014. Below you will find a quick peek at various parts of the St.Catharines market. A few important things to consider: We capped the sales prices at 1 million

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03 Feb

b-LOG: 2014 Market Summary

In large part, 2014 was another year of relative predictability in St.Catharines. In general, we saw modest gains in nearly all areas of the city with only a few spots showing negative growth. Statistics being statistics though should always be taken with a grain of salt. A bit example of that is Port Dalhousie west

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09 Jan

b-LOG: Negotiations Simplified. Sort Of.

Think of it this way. Everyone involved in a negotiation of any sort, has their own concept of what the next steps should be. If I offer “x” then the other party should be expected to respond somewhere in the vicinity of “y”. Take it down to the most simple level…the Saturday Afternoon Garage Sale.

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02 Dec

b-LOG: 3rd Annual Tulips for Food Foodraiser

It’s that time again! Time for our 3rd Annual TULIPS for FOOD Foodraiser! So, what is that exactly? The idea came to us in 2012. Every December, we had been bringing a food bin into our office with the idea of filling it with donations from our brokerage. While people are well-intentioned, we often heard

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29 Nov

b-LOG: S.L.I.M.S. – Our First Offical Acronym

Today we’re here to talk about something serious. Well, serious enough for us to make an acronym, so that must count for something. It is this… Spousal Lag In Moving Syndrome We see it quite often, particularly in the more ‘mature’ mover. This couple is in their mid 50s to mid 70s. Usually they start

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24 Nov

b-LOG: The Condo (…um, what is it exactly?)

We deal a lot with condominiums, both apartment and townhome style. As a result, we hear a lot of interpretations of what exactly a condo is. For example, if both a condo apartment and condo townhome are called condos, how do we know the difference? Or what about a freehold townhome? Or vacant land condo

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Snow fence good
13 Nov

b-LOG: The Autumn Wedding

In various ways, autumn kind of resembles a wedding. It starts out lovely. Everyone looks beautiful & fresh. Smiles abound. Handshakes and hugs for everyone. The leaves start to turn various combinations of reds & yellows. There is a nice breeze that isn’t cold yet isn’t warm. People are chatting, long lost friends and relatives

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04 Nov

b-LOG: The 3 Types of Buyers

1. The Browser 2. The If It Happens It Happens 3. The Hunter THE BROWSER: As a home seller, it is important to know which buyer(s) your home is reaching. For example, if open houses mixed with a dash of hope & optimism is your approach, you are most likely to see The Browser come

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24 Sep

b-LOG: The Showbusiness of Selling Your Home

Quick bio: Aside from running around the region working with our fantastic clients, I am also a musician (piano) with many decades of experience of performing in many (many) styles of music and venues. Previous to real estate, I spent the better part of 5 years working for a major cruise ship line as both

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