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06 Sep

b-LOG: LISTING PHOTOS – The Great Real Estate Mystery

Not to air dirty real estate industry laundry, but sometimes we have to call it like we see it. Why do we so often see real estate listing photos that are, in a word, horrid. Or terrible. Embarrassing, laughable and confusing are also part of the equation. It is something that has puzzled us for

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roller coaster
27 Aug

b-LOG: DELAYING OFFERS: The 8 Sided Coin

Since mid January of 2016, our local market, specifically St. Catharines, has seen the delay of offers presentation become almost normal. The big (unanswered) questions are what does it mean and who does it really benefit? Well, as often is the case in real estate, it depends what side of the table you sit on.

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market report
15 Aug

b-LOG: The Market Numbers to Pay Attention To

A lot of people will say there is nothing for sale. That we in Niagara, specifically St.Catharines, Thorold and Niagara Falls are lacking inventory. “Its craaaaaaazy out there!” is the common refrain. Well, in some ways, it is. But here are the BIG 3 important numbers to know for January 1st to August 1st when

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08 Mar

b-LOG: 2016 Year-to-Date. A Tale of Several Markets

There is a lot of chatter out there about how crazy the market is and rightfully so. We haven’t seen this tight of a supply and demand landscape since 2005/2006 when buyers had 10 or 15 minutes to decide if they wanted a home or not. Multiple offers, delayed offer presentations, 5 Realtor showings happening

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coming soon 6
27 Feb

b-LOG: Coming Soon….Exclusive….Sneak Peek…

There is clearly a growing trend in our industry, at least locally, where new listings are coming soon, exclusive and/or offered as a sneak peek. Quite often, the result is a blurred line of when a house is for sale, sort of for sale or being held back from the market for various reasons. First,

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22 Feb

b-LOG – The Flipping Deficit

Maybe its just timing at the moment but there seems to be more ‘flipped’ houses out there on the market than normal. For those new to the flipping concept, it is this: Buyers John and Susan purchase a home at 124 Profit Street in need of updating for $220,000. They update and renovate the home

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118-10.1. Rear patio & gazebo area
08 Feb

b-LOG: The Other Sides of a Pool

Is a house worth more, the same or less with a pool? This is a legendary question in the real estate world, right up there with what happened to dusty rose carpeting and why do Realtors insist on typing in all caps on MLS. Luckily we’re only here to deal with the pool question as

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04 Feb

b-LOG: The 4 Sides to a Pool

Purchasing a home with a pool can be challenging at the best of times, let alone when the pool is under 8 inches of snow. Buying a home with a pool can be broken down into 4 different scenarios which depend on when the purchase agreement goes firm and when the deal closes (keys exchanged).

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Grass is greener
04 Jan

b-LOG: Sometimes the Grass is Brown

Everyone has their own perspectives that help shape their day to day existence. Perspective on quality. On value. On movies. Their favourite team. The best route to drive from point A to point B. In our business of Real Estate, we encounter different perspectives all the time. Largely, people debate or consider what route to

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14 Dec

b-LOG: Getting Into New

I have been looking around at a lot of friends, family and colleagues recently and noticed a theme. A lot of them are getting into new. By that I mean new _____. New careers New relationships New homes, New cities New ______ It’s funny how in life you don’t see something until you are looking

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09 Dec

b-LOG: Real Estate Market Report – October & November

As we sit here now in early December, we are hearing from Buyers, Realtors and otherwise that the market is short on inventory and potentially frustrating, depending on whom you ask! For example, currently north of Scott Street, there are currently 27 homes for sale between $200 – 400,000. This in a area with approximately

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Autumn 3
02 Dec

b-LOG: Is now the Best Time to Sell?

This is one of the most common questions that we hear. In the busier times of the year (spring for example) people will ask it less making the assumption that more For Sale signs equal a good time to sell. One thing to consider is this: More FOR SALE signs = More Supply We are

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finding your it photo
26 Nov

b-LOG: The Big “Y”

Recently, I was watching my son’s hockey practice.  After approximately 40 minutes of him lollygagging through different drills and warm-ups, he plonked himself down on the ice saying he needed a break. Now if he’d been busting his butt and giving it his all for those 40 minutes, I would have been ok with the

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market report graph
08 Oct

b-LOG: Year-To-Date Real Estate Market Report – 2015 v 2014

There has been a lot of anticipation regarding our l’il old real estate market here in Niagara. Momentum and sales activity has been relatively sustained throughout the year with supply and demand maintaining an active market almost across the board. This report is a few things but it is not all-encompassing for ALL of Niagara.

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Take a closer look
22 Sep

b-LOG: Life Lessons From Stephen Colbert for Us REALTORS®

I was watching the first weeks’ shows of Late Night with Stephen Colbert (special thanks to the DVR…that show is well past my bed time!) and a story he told really got me thinking. I was thinking that the “competition” must be pretty concerned with the new contender on the block. I had visions of

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31 Aug

b-LOG: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

It is human nature to avoid danger or risk. I’m no anthropologist but I’m pretty sure the concept goes back to the days of the cave man. Stay safe, find food, run from big furry beast, ugh. Fast forward several thousand years and here we are sky diving, kite surfing, mountain climbing, wing suiting, xtreme

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Locked up and damaged tricycle
25 Aug

b-LOG: The Home Inspection and the Bicycle

It’s a Saturday and you’re driving out to a house to meet someone about buying their used bike. You read about it online, looked at the 3 photos of it, talked to the owner and arranged a time to take a look and possibly purchase it. You get there and do your quick inspection, take

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21 Aug

b-LOG: Know Your Audience and Dress the Part

Recently, an otherwise routine office meeting turned more interesting when the discussion turned toward proper attire for people in their work environment (not including creepy clown costumes). Now being the somewhat intelligent person that I am, I steered way clear of it and didn’t even open my mouth. At the end of the day, it

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Pitch Better
17 Aug

b-LOG: If You Don’t Like It Pitch Better!!

Sport imitates life. Want to get to know someone better? Play a game of golf with them. You’ll get a much quick look at the ‘real them’. Watch as that calm, articulate executive becomes a belligerent, impatient gongshow after chunking his 4th attempt out of the bunker. If you follow sports or even have a

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market report graph
04 Jun

b-LOG: Market Summary – St. Catharines – First 5 Months of 2015

How is the market these days? Well…look no further. Here is a quick snapshot at several segments of our market. Looking at some specific areas as well as price brackets, there are some interesting trends happening.   A few rules of the (statistical) game:   These year-to-date numbers are for January 1 – May 31st

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12 May

b-LOG: The Power of Team

What difference can a team make in real estate? Well, it really depends on the team just like it really depends on the individual REALTOR®. This blog really looks at the power of a team whether real estate, football or parcheesi. Much has been written, spoken, documented, dramatized and fantasized about the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

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100 pic 1
05 May

b-LOG: The 100 Concept

We’re big fans of general concepts and noticeable consistencies in this business of real estate sales. After having sold many hundreds of homes over the years we have been able to witness trends and almost predictable reactions both from sellers and buyers alike. Our experience has allowed us to grow a pretty reliable gut instinct

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13 Apr

b-LOG: Not for the Love of Money

I am pretty sure that everyone has had to take guidance in high school. Remember the counsellor telling you to pursue a career in a particular field that you are interested in, or one that suits your interests? If you were like me – or every other 17-year-old – you told the counsellor that you

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18 Mar

b-LOG: The Magic of the Beard

Good day y’all. Jim Broderick here. In general, I am not a creative person so let’s get that out of the way right from the start. I am the textbook example of a left-brain thinker (practical side). I eat basically the same thing every day at roughly the same time every day. I wear similar

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04 Mar

b-LOG: What If We Told You…

… that less houses sell in February and March when compared to April and May but the houses that sell in February and March, on average, sold for a higher price? Exhibit A: for example, we recently completed a market report for a home in the Grapeview area of St.Catharines. Would you believe that for

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