Clear the Road Obstacles

Obstacles cause pause in a buyer. They can be small, almost irrelevant issues and they can be large, leaking-roof issues.…

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Growth in any form requires an adjustment. An internal audit of sorts of how we do what we do. More…

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We Got a Guy

Whether you are moving or not, it always helps to know people! Part of our day to day existence as…

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Is Now a Good Time

This business of real estate can be greatly affected by our weather. Spring 2011 was a bit funky to navigate…

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$7 Milk

It is true. When selling a single, solitary thing, there can only ultimately be one, single, solitary buyer (ie: individual…

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The Power of Influence

The action of an individual is largely affected by outside influence. Whether it is the individual’s personal moral code or…

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The “Right” One

Is the correct course of action to hope ‘the right one’ comes along or is it to improve what you’re…

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The Clean Sweep

We have seen several examples in recent weeks of the importance of getting a home cleaned and properly prepared for…

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The Listing Period

Priced correctly and well presented, any home will have a great chance of selling. What we find consistently happens though…

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Make Your Home Different

Have you ever wondered why you decided to pick one product versus another? What was the difference between the two?…

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To Sell or Buy First

Similar to a game of chess, the first steps taken when buying or selling real estate can ultimately determine how…

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