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b-LOG: 3rd Annual Tulips for Food Foodraiser

b-LOG: 3rd Annual Tulips for Food Foodraiser

It’s that time again! Time for our 3rd Annual TULIPS for FOOD Foodraiser!

So, what is that exactly? The idea came to us in 2012. Every December, we had been bringing a food bin into our office with the idea of filling it with donations from our brokerage.

While people are well-intentioned, we often heard “ah #*&@!! I forgot my donation at home again”. Seeing numerous people that wanted to donate food keep forgetting to bring it in every morning got us thinking. What if instead of having to remember to bring in donations, we came to them.

At a time convenient for the food donor, we would come to their home or business and pick up their generous donation, large or small.

Then we got thinking even further. How do we say thank-you? We started thinking and chatting and thinking some more and came up with a plan. Reach out to various local entities to get their help.

So, enter the kind people at Sun Valley Farms on 3rd Street. When asked to help out with some tulips, they responded with an absolute yes. And TULIPS FOR FOOD was born!

TULIPS for FOOD is this: You donate food and we arrive at your home with a bunch of locally grown, fresh tulips. It’s that simple!

A HUGE thank-you to our sponsors for their continued support:

• Commercial Digital Print
• Sally McGarr Realty Corp.
• Sun Valley Farms
• Niagara Realty Group
• YOU!

So, if you would like to support our TULIPS for FOOD Foodraiser, please contact us anytime and set up a pick up/drop off time that is convenient for you.

OUR MAIN PICK UP DAYS ARE DECEMBER 4th and 5th but we can accommodate your schedule.

Thank-you for visiting and we hope to hear from you!

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