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b-LOG: Shhhh

Shhhhh….. Shhhh…. Or at least be very careful what you are saying when touring a home. The tools have been…

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b-LOG: Perspective

In the speed of today’s world, it appears that when things go wrong, there seems to be one common factor.…

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b-LOG: Compared to What

To quote the title of the classic jazz tune by Eddie Harris & Les McCann, when comparing anything to something,…

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b-LOG: Game of Homes

An 18 Month Journey From House Renter to Home Owner This is a story about a couple named James &…

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b-LOG: Calm

As the much welcomed Family Day holiday approaches, it’s a great time to pause and reflect on the manic nature…

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b-LOG: Winter Selling

We live in Canada. We sell homes in Canada. And with Canada, we deal with 4 (sometimes very) distinct seasons.…

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