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b-LOG: If You Don’t Like It Pitch Better!!

  • August 17, 2015
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b-LOG: If You Don’t Like It Pitch Better!!

Sport imitates life.

Want to get to know someone better? Play a game of golf with them. You’ll get a much quick look at the ‘real them’. Watch as that calm, articulate executive becomes a belligerent, impatient gongshow after chunking his 4th attempt out of the bunker.

If you follow sports or even have a friend or family member interested in baseball, you have likely heard about the Toronto Blue Jays and their recent success.

David Price, the biggest signing the Jays made this year, is one of the leading pitchers in the majors. In advance of a start against the New York Yankees, he was questioned about his previous 2 starts against the Yanks when he didn’t fair so well.

His response was brilliant.

Above his locker was a note that simply said:


If you don’t like ______, ______ better.

I look at our business of real estate sales. One of our philosophies or approaches in our day-to-day lives is to not simply do something because it is ‘the way we have done it in the past’.

If a house isn’t selling, we have to work harder and smarter.

If a client isn’t understanding what we are trying to communicate, we need to adjust our presentation.

If we are losing files, we need to file better.

If we are getting sick all the time we need to eat better and get more rest.

If stuff is missing from our fridge, we need to lock our fridge. (True story!)
So, here is your 2 part question.

What don’t you like in your day-to-day life?


What are you going to do about it?

Such a simple concept yet so difficult to actually accomplish. Perhaps that is what makes a guy like David Price the ace that he is.

Thank-you for visiting.

….and of course, Lets Go Blue Jays Lets Go (clap clap clap).


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