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b-LOG: Your Spring To-Do List!

b-LOG: Your Spring To-Do List!

If you are selling or getting ready to sell, spring brings with it a to-do list. As the temperatures warm up and the greys are replaced by leaves and flowers, a strange thing happens. People start to smile to total strangers. They are more likely to hold the door for a stranger or wave someone through when only 10 degrees colder they would have pushed right past in a winter dog-eat-dog mentality.

So, as this new-found optimism starts to take hold, you as a home seller need to channel that energy into your SPRING (on-a-mission getting’-it-done) TO-DO LIST!

STEP 1 : Wash! Things to wash include:

  • – front porch and/or steps;
  • – deck or patio;
  • – sweep and clean your driveway;
  • – windows;
  • – mailbox and exterior lights;
  • – front door (including garage door);
  • – floors, in particular, near front and back doors.


STEP 2 : Pack Up The Cold Clothes! Get yourself some Rubbermaid bins and pack these items up:

  • – boots, coats, hats and mitts that aren’t being used anymore;
  • – sweaters, sweatshirts from your bedroom closets;
  • – extra blankets on couches or beds that aren’t needed.

STEP 3 : Unpack The Patio! Assuming you have finished step 1:

  • – Pack up the shovel and other winter tools;
  • – Dig out the patio set, clean it up and transform your patio or deck.

STEP 4 : Touch-up The Paint! Go buy a gallon of trim paint and a good brush:

  • – Regardless of the need to paint, give your baseboards all a good wipe down;
  • – This includes window trim and casing too;
  • – If your trim is white, clean and prep and paint…you’ll be amazed at the difference.

STEP 5 : You Get The Idea!

  • – Take a walk through your home with your Buyers Glasses on;
  • – Anything that you see that is questionable should be resolved if you’re able to.

At the end of the day (or days!), your home can not be clean enough. Polishing, cleaning and touching-up will only increase the appeal and overall presentation of your home to the future buyer which will then lead to interest, offers and a higher selling price. Sounds good no?!

Overwhelmed? Don’t look at the whole list at once. Divide a list into rooms and who is going to do what. Then, don’t start a job until the previous is done. That leads to more items getting crossed off the list faster which will minimize the stress.

Need help? We have people that can help but you’ll be surprised what family and friends will do for pizza and beverages!

If you would like some guidance with how to get your home prepared for the market, feel free to contact us anytime. We would love to hear from you.

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