It is rare to go through any major life event without help or asking questions.

Imagine if we went through our lives without asking friends and family for help. Imagine if we all blindly went through our lives just walking into a store or doctor’s office or school and simply took what was offered as truth regardless if we understood.

We would all be paying too much or agreeing to many things that we didn’t understand, simply because “that’s what we do”!

“You paid how much for your car’s brakes?”

“You stayed in THAT hotel?”

“You let WHO remove your gall bladder?!”

If there is one thing most adults have in common is real estate. Whether owners or renters, most of us have had an experience of some sort with the search for a property.

So, why wouldn’t we get help and advice from those closest to us.

Step 1 : Get Help

Ask friends at work, siblings or cousins, or even neighbours. The process of selling or buying can be daunting! In general, you may find that people are quite happy to talk about what they experienced. The good, the bad and the ugly. Seek their help. Have them into your house and ask for their thoughts.

Remember though: it is what it is. Opinion.

Take the info and thoughts that you hear and put them in categories. Listen and absorb.

If you can, get a few friends to help you box up books one day. Maybe someone at your work paints part time. Would that dining room look better if it wasn’t orange? Is your neighbour across the street a good friend who also happens to be an active gardener? Perhaps they would help you straighten the front garden out?

When you put the word out, you would be surprised to find out how often people would be willing to help.

Or you can take it to the next level. Have a Moving Party! Supply the pizza and beverages and send out invites…have fun with it! Everyone show up at 3pm. Have music playing. Party favours. Go big!! A small group of people can get a lot accomplished in a short time!

Step 2 : Ask Questions

Anecdotal evidence can be a huge help in the ‘what to do and what not to do’ quest.

Genuine questions with honest answers can be a huge help before selling your home.

“Can you smell our dog when you come in?”

“Is the colour in the kitchen too distracting?”

“Is there too much furniture in this room?”

And be prepared…you are looking for real answers! They are what will help guide you.

If you know of someone at work who has moved recently, ask them how things went. Find out if they gained any wisdom that they would pass along. Again, seek info and absorb it all!

Now when the time comes, and this is the big part, call THEbTEAM!

We have many years of experience in assisting buyers and sellers move. We are more than happy to consult with you on what the next best steps would be. We have the impartial ability to sift through the info that you have gathered. We can offer decisive feedback that will help de-stress what is most often a confusing and overwhelming time.

Should you paint, replace flooring, remove wallpaper, re-arrange furniture?

Sometimes it even makes sense to have a home inspection done prior to listing.

We have access to many great, affordable and honest people who can handle such issues as electrical, wood floor refinishing, plumbing, painting, and more.

Finding good quality and dependable people for these tasks can be a challenge but rest assured, we can find them!

And remember, be bold and diligent. And most importantly, expect the same of your REALTOR!
Thank-you for visiting.


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