Our homes, whether detached, townhome or apartment style, look differently as the year progresses and the seasons change. Pool open. Pool closed. Autumnal colours in the neighbouring forest. A garden full of daisy flowers and lilac bushes. The view from a 10th floor balcony can look drastically different throughout the year.

When it comes time to sell in January, is it better to hope people will know and trust those plants will reappear or is it better to have recent photos? What about all that work on your backyard oasis…shouldn’t people see that?

On the internet, where most people do their home shopping, pictures can make or break you.

The point is, document. We harp on about offering something the competition doesn’t. When people are browsing through listings in cold and dreary February, a small sampling of seasonal photos will help your home stand out.

The same applies to major renovations. People love before and after. It can help create a spark or generate some interest that otherwise may not have been there. If you are transforming a time capsule, document it.

You’ll never know when you may need those pictures!

Oh…and keep people out of them. No one wants to see Uncle Gary floating in your pool!

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