New Home Construction

As a team, we have been working alongside numerous builders over the years and as a result, have developed strategies and industry knowledge in what it takes to sell new construction throughout the Niagara Peninsula.

For The Builder: Our team will work with you every step of the way to provide input and perspective on what the home buyer in our market expects, whether local or coming in from out of town.

What We Bring To The Table

  • Market knowledge of local supply and demand factors
  • Experience with sales of over 150 new construction units
  • Over 35 years of REALTOR® experience
  • Strong team and brokerage reputation in our industry
  • Strong team and brokerage reputation in our industry
  • Pre-assembled systems and process input
  • In-house professional marketing and graphic design capabilities
  • Dedicated and professionally created website and digital media presence
  • Logistics support dedicated to streamlining the process
  • Accountability and constant communication between all involved

Our Portfolio

The Townes of Mount Carmel (Niagara Falls)

Townes sign at road70 beautiful bungalow townhomes. Built as a vacant land condo development, we have worked with buyers from all over Ontario on the complete sell-out of this site, which wrapped up in 2016 with final closings in 2017. Through the process of selling this site, we have gained invaluable knowledge into what buyer expectations exist in the upper end of the townhome market. We are extremely proud to see what Townes at Mount Carmel has become.

Walkers Creek Condominiums (St. Catharines)

photo4389698-1Our involvement with this 44 suite condominium building began at the drawing board. Consulting and working with the builders through the initial branding and design phase set the stage for a very collaborative process through to the complete sell-out.

Built with insulated concrete forms, we were able to be on-site and see what it takes to construct a building in terms of logistics and the complexities of working with buyers from dirt to occupancy and beyond.

Adapting to the changing sales scenario (pre-construction versus model suite) was integral in the success of sales at this building. Engaging with the public at off-site venues, working with local media sources and ‘boots on the ground’ networking all went together to see Walkers Creek Condos through to completion.

Stamford Village (Niagara Falls)

sv-exterior-2We came in part way through the sales process and worked with the builder to sell the remaining suites of this 3 storey condominium apartment building. Built with insulated concrete forms, this was an early and important exposure for us to the sale of mid-rise condominium apartments in an area of the market where new construction wasn’t common.

Open houses, site visits and an expanded marketing approach worked to sell this building out. At the same time, this building helped to provide a sales tool for the next building which reinforced the difference in market response to a physical model versus selling in the pre-construction phase.

Pinemark Townes (Thorold)

938530_700This was an infill development in Thorold that saw a group of 6 townhomes built in a neighbourhood of mixed used. Employing the knowledge we had gained from previous townhome sites allowed us to sell this site out fairly quickly.

Willson Crossing (Fonthill)

frontThis site was very well received with sustained buyer interested from start to sell-out. Offering an impressive package of standards along with its location in lovely Fonthill, we were thrilled with the reception Willson Crossing Townes received.

Working with the builder through the design and standards selection process, we were very pleased to see concepts come to reality.

Fernwood Estates (Niagara Falls)

fernwoodThis community of new homes is predominantly made of up larger, custom detached homes. We have partnered with a few different builders on ‘spec homes’ in this site. With a buyer demographic that is both local and from out of town, having a crisp online marketing campaign was crucial to the successful sale of these homes.

Apricot Glen (St. Davids)

apricotThis area of St.Davids has experienced explosive growth with on both sides of Four Mile Creek Road. On the west side you’ll find Apricot Glen which has a combination of detached homes and townhome. We have worked with a few builders in this community on the sale of detached homes.

Further development west of Tanbark Road has send streets like Kenmir Avenue and Hickory Avenue. These homes are generally all custom homes with a mix of bungalows (in the 1,600 – 2,000 sq.ft. range) and 2 storeys (up to 3,000 sq.ft. or larger).

This type of build is generally much more buyer driven with selection and design input throughout the build being an important part of the process. We work continually with all parties to turn these construction sites into a home for the client.

Oldfield Estates (Niagara Falls)

6421samiorfida-frontofhouseA new parcel of land in the south end of Niagara Falls, we are working with a local builder on the sale of several lots with the majority being reserved for a custom, purchaser driven design and home build.

The sales process of this type of construction involves numerous site visits and open lines of communication to ensure that all of the details, large and small, are taken care of. Starting with several floorplans, we work with all parties to ensure that the home that the client moves into is finished and completed to their vision. This is where experience, systems and service plays such an important part.

Future Sites

We are excited for the future of new home construction in Niagara. Each city presents its own set of opportunities and challenges. For example, St.Catharines has a shortage of buildable land so the process has to be much more inventive. Meanwhile a place like Niagara Falls has much more land and new construction happening which creates different supply and demand factors. Further south, Fonthill will experience a significant amount of new construction in the coming years as vast tracts of land are prepared for various types of building.

The Bottom Line: New home sales in Niagara requires knowledge, experience and dedication. We welcome opportunities to work with builders and buyers alike throughout the new home construction process whether it is a custom detached home, townhome or condo apartment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this further.

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